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opening the door to acceptance

free workshop for dads

understanding the child you have

Dads and moms alike envision the kind of child they will raise. We dream about things we will teach them, activities we will bond over, and traditions we will continue. 

As they grow, we imagine their educational successes, their athletic achievements, their future careers, and even their life partners.

But...what happens when your child has different dreams?

What if they want to live a life that you don't understand?

What if they have challenges that you didn't plan for? 

You don't have to settle for a disconnected relationship with your child. There are concrete ways to fill that disconnect. Create a long-lasting relationship built on awareness, trust, and healthy communication.


Princess Dad

laying the foundation

to build an unbreakable connection
with your child

This is a free workshop for dads who feel disconnected with their child and want to dig deeper into their feelings of fear, guilt, anger, or shame to build a relationship this has a long-lasting, solid connection.

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your instructors

We have 10 years experience supporting parents who may be struggling to deepen the connection with their children.

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Caryn Azemoun

  • Proud mom of 2 teenagers

  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

  • Certified in Parenting with Insight

  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

Our lives are complicated, whether it's the pressure of parenting, home, family, work, or ourselves, we can all benefit from support that helps us to navigate through these complexities.

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Rida Viljoen

•    Rida's twins are 13 years old
•    Camping and watersports with the family is a

       BIG Viljoen favorite
•    Certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom                      Educator, Advanced Trainer Candidate (PDA)
•    Founding member of the Conscious Parent Association of          South Africa
•    Rare Diseases Ambassador
•    Certified Coach (CPA)

Parenting is an occupation nobody prepares you for. It has the highest of highs and the lowest of low. Yet, when our households are content, we function so much better on other terrains.

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