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Social Isolation vs Physical Distancing

In this new world, we are being asked to practice social isolation for the sake of others.

So what does this isolation look like for us? We remain at least 6 feet apart from people who don't live with us. We only go out for necessities-food and medicine, and of course toilet paper. School is different, work is different, socializing is different. We don't see our friends or family, unless it's from a distance, across the street or with the use of technology. Because we are being asked to stay away from people physically, this doesn't mean we should distance ourselves emotionally from them as well. Life has thrown us a curve ball. This is the time to get creative, find ways to see people and reach out to keep those connections alive. For sure I'm missing my friends, and technology is helping. Now, instead of coffee runs, we are meeting for "happy hour" video conferencing. We will drive by their homes to say hello from afar, and for now, the connection continues. I was so excited when a friend stopped by to bring me a puzzle. I couldn't wait to get outside and talk to them for a while. I was thrilled my daughter and I got to spend some live, face-to-face time, with friends. We had a moment to connect, and it was so nice. I can't hug my parents right now, but we face-time with them, go for walks with them at a distance (we never did that before), or talk to them from across the street. This keeps the connection and hopefully, we are starting a new tradition. While dinners out are not an option, my family is eating more home-cooked meals TOGETHER. Every night I get to sit with my husband and two teenagers and talk, laugh, and sometimes even play games together. No one is rushing off to do school work, or business work or life work. We have been given an opportunity to connect, and I'm definitely taking it in. I always look for the positives in every situation, the lessons learned from every tough issue we face. In this case, I see that staying home is giving us more time with our loved ones we live with. We are living and appreciating a simpler life. My kids are learning life skills like how to cook, doing laundry, building things and cleaning up their rooms (this one is still in progress). I look forward to the end of this someday, but for now, I'm learning to appreciate the extra quality time with my family. I am grateful for the opportunity to start new traditions with my friends and family to keep us better connected. I am happy that life can slow down a little bit for everyone to experience the joy of the human connection.

Stay home and stay safe.

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