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What You Can Control?

I recall a college class I took, way too long ago, where the teacher talked about useless emotions. One was worry. He shared that worrying over something that is out of your control or something that may or may not happen, is useless. This has stuck with me for all these years.

For instance, I can't control when my child has an anxiety attack or sneaks out of bed at 1:00 in the morning to do their homework (yep, they really do this). What I can control is the conversation I have about time management, self-care, the need for sleep, and the importance of sticking with a routine.

I can't control the lack of motivation a child has for, well almost anything. But I can control how I model motivation, show what a sense of accomplishment looks like, teach how small steps lead to big successes and what it looks like to stick with something to the end.

So let go of the things you can't control, don't waste time worrying about them or focusing on them. Instead, remember what is in your control and make the best of it, always.

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