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Keeping it Together During a Pandemic


During this scary and overwhelming time in the world, everyone needs a place to go to express their true feelings, anxiety, fears, and helplessness. Not everyone has a safe space to talk, to cry, or to be angry. You may feel that you don't need to talk to someone, but you may want to. You may want someone that will listen without judgment, provide space to find solace, and guide you through the unknown.


While a therapist may focus on the past, a mentor may focus on a skill, a counselor may focus on healing, a coach plays a different role altogether.


A coach focuses on your growth.


I'm your coach. Through active listening and reflective questioning, I will help you think outside the box, create coping strategies for yourself and your family, and envision a plan for what lies ahead.

Come to me with questions, and I'll help you find answers.

Come to me with anxiety, and I'll help you find calm.

Come to me if you are feeling lost, and I'll help you find purpose. 

Come to me with raw emotions, and I'll help you find peace for the coming days/weeks/months ahead.


Click the button below to book a free 30-minute coaching session and learn more about special COVID-19 offers.

Coaching Sessions can be done over the phone or online through Zoom.



Book a free 30-minute coaching session and learn more about special COVID-19 offers.

Caryn Azemoun 

Professional Life Coach

Optimistically Pragmatic

Our lives are complicated, whether it's the pressure of work, home, family, or ourselves, we can all benefit from support that helps us to navigate through these complexities.
Maybe you are starting a new career, building a new life, or changing communities. Together we can partner to build your foundation, ensure you are working with your values, and give you a sense of your worth. I've reinvented myself, changed jobs and careers, moved homes, and even countries. I know the rewards of rebuilding my life and embracing the unknown to build new memories.

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