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Head into 2020 with peace and love

The holidays are here and along with the giving and getting, the food, family, festivities, and the winter wonderland, some of us are facing the stress and pressure that come along this time of year.

Stress and pressure come in so many forms. Maybe it's the commercial pressure, did you get the "right" gifts, will the kids be happy, where will you find the money to cover all of this?

Maybe it's the triggers of being with family again. What will they expect you to be? Will you fall into the same role that you used to have when you were younger? Will they finally accept the life you've chosen?

Maybe it's the stress of the changes that have happened since the last time you saw the family. Do they know your son now goes by "she" and "her"? Do they know your daughter is an addict? Do they dismiss your child's anxiety and blame it on your parenting?

I feel your pain.

I found some links that helped me understand what holiday stress is and how to survive it. I hope you find them useful.

This one from Web MD explains some of the causes of stress that we might feel this season.

Dr. Laura Markham, from Aha Parenting, shares her wisdom on how to De-stress the holidays. Offering some easy ways to take care of yourself and take care of your kids during this time.

And lastly, if you do find yourself feeling stressed, try these traditional, and no so traditional stress-relieving suggestions from Shape Magazine

I hope the holidays treat you as well as you deserve.

Happy Holidays to all.

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