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A Balancing Act

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Balance isn't a goal that we achieve; it's moments that we aspire to reach every day.

We might find some time for ourselves one day, and be completely swamped with work another day. One day is filled with exercise, reading, and healthy food while the next we are Ubering the kids around town eating junk food along the way. And we feel overwhelmed.

But how do we find balance in these moments of chaos?

Here are some tips that might help:

Identify your values: Figure out what's important to you and live life on your terms. Set goals that uphold your values, not give in to the "shoulds" you may feel.

Compare yourself to no-one: Live your life, not the life of others. Be YOUnique, be yourself.

Find your tribe: Surround yourself with your kind of people. Find the people that lift you up, not hold you down.

Find time for you: Grow, learn, move, celebrate. Embrace your life and honor yourself. Maybe it's a nice dinner, new clothes, or a good book. It's self-care not selfish.

See the world: You can travel around the world or just see the world around you. Go for a walk, embrace the beauty in your backyard, breathe in nature, smell the roses.

And remember to have fun: Find joy, laugh things off, smile at a stranger (they usually smile back), and dance like no one's looking. Connect with your inner child and enjoy it.

Find your balance, be yourself and have fun.

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