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I'm a planner

The world is crazy.

Things are changing minute by minute.

It's hard to keep up. It's hard to keep it straight. It's hard to keep focused.

This virus has everything turned around. Everyone is super cautious, super vigilant and super nervous, or is it just me? It's hard to make sense of the changing world. It's hard not to get stressed and overwhelmed.

This is where I was, stressed and overwhelmed. I was worried, did I have enough food? where can I get meds? is my family going to be okay?, and what if I run out of toilet paper? I couldn't focus on taking care of things because I was too worried about taking care of things. I was stuck in a state of concern.

With the help of some reflective questions from my coach, like "What's worked for me in the past?", "What am I willing to try?", "When do I feel most calm?" I was able to give myself the space to find my answers. I thought about my stress and examined where it comes from, why it's there and how to get past it. I came to realize that when I'm organized my stress decreases. When I have a plan, I feel calm.

So now I know when chaos is pending I need to plan. Now my morning routine takes this "new normal" into consideration. I wake up and consider what lies ahead for me. I check my calendar and schedule my time. I organize my papers and write my lists. I think of my family and make my calls. I plan my day and I am calm.

What works for you?

How are you dealing with this new normal?

How is stress affecting you?

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